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2019 SmugMug Review: I’ve been a long time fan of SmugMug and use it for my personal and client image hosting for over five years. The interface is intuitive. The dashboard and all building tools are modern, mobile responsive, and utilize drag and drop content block design. No coding is needed to create beautiful websites, though you have the option to add some customized CSS if you need more than the options allow. If you are looking for simple online image storage and sharing with family and friends, their basic plans work very well. For full brand integration, marketing features and customized product pricing, check out their PRO plan.

Options and Integration

The customization options are endless. Begin by choosing one of over 21 modern templates. Everything can be modified. Adding components such as text blocks, galleries, slideshows, Wufoo Forms, Google Calendar, Navigation, social media or a host of other design elements is quick and simple. Drag and drop the blocks into position and choose the values. You can also utilize your domain name and setup Smugmug as a subdomain, depending on your chosen package.

Secure Storage

All images are hosted and backed up with the industry leader, Amazon Web Services. The result is fast image loading and editing, saving you time. After all, time is the one commodity we cannot buy. The peace of mind to know that they are fully backed up and protected from disaster within SmugMug is worth every penny. Whether it is personal or professional, having offsite cloud backups is critical should anything happen to your local storage.

Password Protection

Protecting your data is important. Individual galleries can be password protected for client security. SmugMug will now even notify you if there is successive failed attempts to access your password protected gallery. You can take it a step further for sensitive galleries and hide them as well. The gallery would not be invisible to casual surfers and only be found by typing in the URL you provide. To further prevent any accidental breach at SmugMug headquarters, they employ Cryptographic Hash Function – your passwords are never stored as readable text on their servers.


  • It’s Always Fast
  • Optional Single Click Full Gallery Downloads
  • Simply Beautiful HTML5 design and flexibility
  • Drag and drop design and image management
  • Premium vendors WHCC and Bay Photo
  • Digital sales or boutique packaging of tangible products
  • PayPal Shopping Cart integration
  • Fast image rendering with Amazon Services
  • Security notifications, password protected galleries and the ability to hide galleries
  • 21+ Modern Themes ready to use or modify them to suit your look
  • Great for beginners yet powerful and flexible enough for professionals
  • 24/7 human support – SmugMug Hero’s are awesome
  • Ability to use your own domain name like I do with POWER and higher plans
  • Connect your SmugMug account to the Camera Awesome app for instant backup


  • No self-fulfillment option

Final Thoughts

I love Smugmug. I used the PRO version for a period of time when I was selling digital files from events. It was super smooth and I loved the “You Made Money” emails I would receive every time there was a purchase. Since then, I have used Smugmug personally as my complete archive of post processed images for offsite security. It has been rock solid and given me peace of mind. If they could do one thing, it would be to offer self-fulfillment print services. Outside of that, it does exactly what is advertised. I used Zenfolio for a period of time prior to SmugMug. Smugmug is superior as a whole. I wouldn’t continue to use it if it wasn’t. They also have a 14 day trial, so there is no risk. I know you will love the service and peace of mind as well.



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