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Goodbye Squarespace. Hello WordPress.

ProPhoto 7 is the evolution of Downshift’s visual website theme builder for WordPress. The primary users have traditionally been photographers and creatives. Unlike many themes for creative professionals, ProPhoto allows you to build your own website identity and design as unique as your business. If time is precious, there is an online store where you can purchase theme designs from the 3rd party vendor list. This theme is an open canvas to create a modern responsive website that offers the client a beautiful and effortless experience.

From Squarespace to ProPhoto

Before ProPhoto I was a Squarespace client for several years. The templates were beautiful, marketing was slick, but something was missing. For myself, I like a product that allows me to create a very unique representation. The options allowed for less customizability than I expected and over time I grew tired of the cookie cutter look. Looking for more, I gave WordPress another attempt. At that time, visual builders were making their debut and I started with ProPhoto v4. Since then, it has evolved greatly in features, processes, and look. With version 7, I do not feel the need to use custom CSS code to achieve the look I need. This makes the design experience feel more creative without having to learn code. I no longer use Squarespace and have moved entirely into the ProPhoto environment for a consistent development experience.


ProPhoto allows you to create multiple versions of designs in progress. I use this every time my website is updated so that I can ensure excellent presentation to the end user. Once you have used a staging environment, there is no going back.


  • Simple yet effective SEO
  • Drag and Drop Visual Composer
  • Automatic or manual formatting for various screen sizes
  • Extensive font selection and customization
  • Reusable Blocks for faster development
  • Responsive design for all device sizes
  • Grids, Galleries, and Forms
  • Stellar support ticket handling
  • 110% Money Back Guarantee
  • Theme Design Marketplace for greater selection with less effort



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