Kickassd Web Hosting prides themselves on being leaders in new technologies and personal service. These are distinct advantages with new small knit hosting providers. I discovered Kickassd in my continued evaluations of the best hosting environments for Canadians and even those in North America and beyond. A good web host is more than the cheapest or high quantity, it is about security, reliability and availability. Securing the cheapest hosting will not further your online ventures, should your site be offline or respond so slow that it might as well be. 

Chuck Charleston is one of the founders of Kickassd based in Montreal. You will also find that he often will be one of the responding top level support staff as well. They run a very small team. They advertise fast support responses of under 30 minutes for tickets. This is indeed correct. 

This website is hosted with Kickassd. Just as a prodigal son, I could not stay away and returned to the very best and fastest shared and cloud host I have found.

Why did I choose Kickassd?


The peace of mind knowing that you will receive a human intelligent response to your ticket in under 30 minutes is valuable. Communication is clear and efficient. 


Kickassd web hosting is stacked with technology and features that often obliterate their larger competitors. Why? When you have a small team, you can move at higher speeds implementing cutting edge features. They offer Lightspeed Server w/LScache, Zend OpCache, Pure SSD Storage (YES, for everything... not just your database... massive difference), Lightspeed WordPress Cache, FREE SSL for unlimited domains using Let's Encypt Open Source technology which is easy to implement (and auto renew), Automatic R1Soft Backups which you can restore from up to 30 days ago, Free Magic Spam Pro to help you breathe freely when you look at your inbox, CloudLinux Web Hosting which isolates your account from other accounts and the leader in interface, cPanel. They also use HA (high availibility) DNS Cluster for your DNS nameserver hosting (when you point to use their nameservers from your domain registrar), CloudFlare integration, Railgun, The latest PHP technology, SSH Access and GIT, and modern hardware!

Canadian Servers

Canadian web hosting provides more security and privacy laws than hosting located in the USA. They do have options to host your server in Germany as well, but their original and core option is still to use their Montreal-area servers which are housed in the massive secure and modern OVH DataCentre (Beauharnois). Depending on the nature of your business, you may require this feature.

Speed and Stability

Their starter plan gives you 10 GB SSD Storage, 500 GB high speed bandwidth, 100% of 1 CPU, 512 MB DDR4 ECC RAM on Xenon D Series servers which are never oversold.

WordPress Managed Hosting

If you run a WordPress site and want more security and ease of maintenance, this is important. Along with all the standard features they offer, you also get powerful WAF (Web Application Firewall) protecting your site, 1 Click WordPress install, WordPress Auto Updates with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.


Chuck and his team were efficient and pleasant, making their service worth their asking price. They are very competitve for the feature set, even though billing is in USD. Don't hesitate to check them out and contact them via phone or live chat. Would I recommend them for your hosting needs? Yes. They are easily the fastest shared cloud ssd web host I have used.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Fast Pure SSD Canadian Servers. Fast Support in under 30 minutes. Free unlimited SSL.