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Fast Shared Hosting. Period.

Kickassd Hosting are leaders in fast shared web hosting, utilizing new technologies and providing excellent personal service. These are distinct advantages with new small knit hosting providers. I discovered Kickassd Hosting a few years ago. At that time, they were hosting on Canadian servers out of Montreal, Quebec. In 2019 they were bought out by a small core management team of Ben Wade and Bobby Broughton. They come from experience with niche high end products. Since then, servers have been migrated to NY State and I have been very impressed by the performance. Their shared hosting was already performing to the level of many non-shared environments, and with this move, the performance has continued to rival the competition in the shared hosting space. Support continues to be swift and resolved quickly without the need to waste your time moving from Level 1 to Level 2 support, seen at most large wholesale type providers. Tickets are often resolved in less than 30 minutes. A good web host is more than the cheapest or high quantity, it is about security, reliability and availability. Securing the cheapest hosting will not further your online ventures, should your site be offline or respond so slow that it might as well be. This website is hosted with Kickassd.

The Anatomy of Performance and Security

  1. Lightspeed Web Server & LScache
  2. ZendOp Cache
  3. Pure SSD Storage
  4. Lightspeed WordPress Cache Plugin
  5. Imunify (new for 2019)
  6. Daily Backups
  7. CloudLinux with Cpanel
  8. Railgun
  9. Cloudflare


Every add-on domain and sub-domain you host is automatically secured for zero dollars with AutoSSL. If you are coming from a host that uses Let’s Encrypt, Kickassd supports that protocol as well.


Yes. Even though billing is in US Dollars, creating a slightly fluid cost due to exchange rates, I would choose them again and continue to use Kickassd Hosting exclusively. For performance, you won’t find better in a shared host.



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