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Learn. Create. Repeat.

I have been a CreativeLive user for several years, taking every opportunity to watch the free first run content and then purchasing those that pertained to my goals and needs. Before this, I followed commercial photographer Chase Jarvis, who is also the founder of CreativeLive. I have also used competing services such as The experiences and content are very different between the two services. Even though they crossover on some content, I feel I come away with an experience that is more complete with CreativeLive, much like the experience that a real seminar would entail. This is truly one of those hidden gems. I recommend them to all my friends and colleagues as well.


  1. Free First Time Live Streaming Content When CreativeLive was born, there were only one or maybe two simultaneous live course streams on any given day from a single location. As they have grown and set up more studio locations, they now have four courses to select from at any given time. These are premium first run courses that are free. After the week they are launched they are added to the library of content you can purchase for replay anytime on any device.
  2. Geared Towards Creatives and Lifestyle This is where and CreativeLive differ. CreativeLive focuses on what matters to Creatives (photography/video/audio/craft) including various lifestyle selections, while focuses much more task driven content skills such as Excel, Programming Languages, etc.
  3. Bite Sized Learning When CreativeLive began, segment lengths were often over an hour each. This made it difficult to squeeze into a hectic schedule. In a busy home, an hour+ is a rare commodity. Now, most segments range from 5 to 30 minutes, allowing you to fit it into a coffee break and short downtime.
  4. Did I say free content?! In addition to the weekly first run content that can be accessed for free while live, select courses and segments are available free of cost to better your skills.
  5. Talent When you browse the course lineup, instead of the authors being largely a collection of unknown self proclaimed experts, their lineup consists of the heavy hitters in their respective industries.

How Did I Use CreativeLive?

I come from a background in photography, design for print, and technical support. Even though I would consider myself a professional photographer and visual artist, I still learn new techniques every day. I have used CreativeLive to help expand my photographic and post processing skills in my fine art photography as well as enhancing my presentation abilities. I have particularly found it excellent in posing technique via instructors such as Sue Bryce or great Photoshop tutorials by Ben Wilmore. Whether you are professional or just starting out, I highly encourage you expand your skills. It is easy and risk free to watch the first run live seminars. There are new ones every week. IF you loved one and feel it can enhance what you do, buy it. Watch it. Watch it again. Perfect your craft. Or, maybe just try something new and discover interests never explored. In 2018 I subscribed to the All Access Pass while I had some additional time to digest information, which is now the called “Creator Pass” . This allowed me to stream all 1500+ courses, choosing what new skills I wanted to learn. You can subscribe monthly or yearly. Check it out here .



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