by Doug Friesen

Winkler Arts and Culture
Posted on May 4, 2017

Winkler Arts and Culture

Breathe. Close your eyes and let your mind wonder as the sunlight sweeps across your retina or as darkness falls and light fades. Light is ethereal. It is eternal, yet light is silent. It can trigger feels of happiness, hunger and fear. Every moment in time creates a unique experience and perspective on light. It is the anti-thesis of darkness, yet without darkness it cannot exist. There is a kindness to light that excites the receptors deep from within. While gazing through the viewfinder imagining what is yet to be, a moment in time is frozen, to be immortally remembered. Every day while this memory may fade, it will burn bright in forge on within the confines of digital superhighways. We will remember. We will celebrate. We will let our light shine.

Canadian Fine Art Photography by Doug Friesen

The Light Exhibition will be on display and pieces will be available for purchase during the month of May at Winkler Arts and Culture.

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